Group Fitness Training in Brighton

Fitness training and yoga classes in a small group environment is an effective and fun way to achieve your health and fitness goals. Our training sessions are themed to focus on different types of fitness performance on different days. Using a scientific approach to work:rest ratios we design our sessions to develop lean muscle, strength, speed and endurance. We also focus daily on core strength and mobility.
Each day, the workout of the day is different to create a constantly changing stimulus for the body. Class sizes are small enabling us to adapt for individual needs and insure everyone gets an optimal workout.

Intro Offers

We offer all new starters the choice of 2 great offers depending what suits best. So what are you waiting for? Pick the offer you want below to get started…

Make the most of your first 10 days and try as many classes as you like over 10 consecutive days at Energy for Life Fitness & Yoga. You can mix and match class types over the 10 days and if you are really keen even do 2 classes on the same day! ?

Come and experience what Energy for Life Fitness & Yoga with a complimentary first free class. You can enjoy one class at any of our group fitness sessions and yoga classes during October. A great way to meet the team, join the community and start your journey of energy for life.

Conditions: Available to new participants only. Max 1 per person. Cannot use Offer A and B, it is either or.
Not transferable. Non-refundable.


Live the lifestyle

At Energy for Life, our philosophy is that movement (training) is only one part of living a healthy balanced lifestyle. For optimum health and happiness, movement should be integrated and balanced with what you eat and drink, how you breath, how you sleep, rest and recover, and your thoughts. Read more on our lifestyle approach.
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Time poor? Try our FREE online workouts

Not having enough time is one of the top reasons why people don’t manage to train. It’s not that you don’t want to feel good, look good and be healthy, it’s just too hard to find the time these days. That’s what a lot of you tell us. That’s why we’ve put together 6 simple, easy to follow, 6 minute sessions that you can do absolutely anywhere. Sound good?

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Zylo East, Opposite 72 Sussex St, Brighton, BN2 0GQ

All classes are held at our studio at:
Zylo East, Opposite 72 Sussex Street, Brighton, BN2 0GQ

(Look for the gated entrance opposite 72 Sussex Street and we are just down the short driveway.)

Wednesday Faster and Saturday Functional Fitness classes start and end at the studio but include a mixture of indoor training as well as outdoors in the local parks such as Queens Park and Tarner Park, so bring trainers for these sessions.

For easy class booking on your smart phone:

Success Stories


“Emma provides the perfect blend that I was looking when I found her yoga classes – challenging physically, with the just right amount of ‘food for thought’ along the way. She provides every opportunity for you to push yourself, but also to take care of yourself – a balance I value greatly. With long term injuries I was nervous of trying a new teacher, but I couldn’t feel safer than I do with Emma – she pays great attention to detail, correcting and guiding where needed, aware that everybody is different. I always leave feeling better emotionally and physically, even after the 6.30am classes! Emma is an inspiring teacher, the studio is lovely, and the atmosphere always a positive one – I wholeheartedly recommend Emma’s classes to anyone.”


“I had always been a little dubious about yoga – I had no real experience of it, but thought it might be a bit too ‘cosmic’ for my liking and not intense enough. I couldn’t have been more wrong – four months down the line I feel that there was a life before yoga and now there’s my new life with yoga! Not only has it made short shrift of my sciatica, but I am so happy to have found exercise that is challenging and vigorous but at the same time instils a wonderful sense of calm and serenity. Emma is an amazing teacher – she manages to involve everyone at a level appropriate to their experience and there’s plenty of variety in the flow of each class. I genuinely wish I’d have time to go to one every day!”


“I joined Emma’s yoga classes around August 2015 – I liked the sound of a strong flow class, and I wasn’t disappointed! Emma offers a small and inclusive class where people of all abilities are welcome and supported to get the most out of their practice. I’d been doing yoga for around 12 months, so had the basics, which I’ve been able to build on – I’m as strong as I’ve ever been, and Emma combines a strong flow with thoughtful guidance and mindfulness. I love the early morning classes – time efficient and a great start to the day. Emma and Tom are welcoming and the classes accessible – and they make the best bliss balls!”


“In a little over 8 months of training in Tom’s Stronger classes, I’ve added 60kg to my deadlift, but more importantly have learned proper lifting technique, the fundamentals of calisthenics (body-weight) training and also picked up an addiction to his homemade bliss balls & delicious bulletproof coffees! Emma’s yoga classes have rekindled my passion for yoga and I’m now feeling much more confident about my own practise and also looking forward to diving into a 200hr yoga teacher training course in Bali later this year! I feel super fortunate to live just down the road from these guys and can credit them with feeling healthier and in the best shape of my life.”