Flaxseed Bread Recipe

This is an absolute go-to recipe during our 30 day RESETs. So many people can’t get their heads around breakfast without grain based bread. But really want they want is a vehicle to transport food from plate to mouth. This yummy flaxseed bread does exactly that. It’s gluten free and packed with healthy fats and […]

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Mum and Bub Yoga & Fitness Classes

Yoga & Fitness for mums. Your baby or toddler (up to 3 yrs) can either sleep, lay or play whilst you regain strength & get some head space. As new mums, we give enough to our beloved little ones. So this class is to re-charge you. Designed to target what every new mum’s body needs; […]

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How do you feel about FAT?

It’s just a little 3 letter word, F-A-T, but with it comes so much baggage. Thanks to main stream media and what has been taught as common knowledge since the 50s, we have been led to believe that eating fat and being fat are BAD and that one leads to the other. No wonder then […]

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Nutrition Workshop: Eat to be Lean

Do you want to change your body composition? Are you confused by all the mixed messages in the media about what is good, what is BAD and what you should be eating? Have you tried to diet before and not been happy withe results promised? Want to cut through the crap and get back to […]

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Learn how to “high to low plank”

After a class focused on the alignment and technique for high to low plank I was asked for a video to help with home practice of this. So here it is, hope it helps…  

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How to make a real smoothie

Learn how to make one of our wholefood smoothies, great as a breakfast alternative or a post-session energy replacement drink with protein, good fats and carbs. Our smoothies are available from the studio after class for 4.50    

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