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Our small groups mean that we are able to tailor the sessions to exactly who is there on the day. We will be able to offer different exercises for each different level, targeting the optimal level for you and your circumstances. This means our sessions are open to all, whether you are super fit and wanting to get to the next level or if you are a new mum returning to exercise with some trepidation. If you are nervous about training in a group and would like to train one-on-one until you get confident then we can offer that too, just give us a bell.
If you have a specific injury and would like to discuss suitability then give us a call. We may suggest the first session as a one-on-one yoga session to get a good understanding of your limits and advise modifications to ensure the group training is safe and effective for you.
All classes are held in our studio at the top of Sussex Street in Hanover / Queens Park. We are opposite 72 Sussex Street, BN2 0GQ, then head down the short driveway to the studio.
We have space at the studio for 4 cars and these can be used by members whilst in class. the driveway is narrow and only wide enough for one car so please enter carefully. It is best to approach east along Sussex Street and turn right into the drive, rather than from the west turning left. These spaces are available on a first come first served basis. Other than that, the parking zoning for the area is Zone C so if you have one of those permits you can very easily park anywhere. There are some unzoned spots further up Queens Park Road and on Albion Street and North of this road into Hanover. There is also metered parking on Albion Hill between Queens Park Road and West Drive, and also all along West Drive with plenty of spaces generally available.
All weekday sessions are 60 minutes. Saturday morning sessions are 90minutes. Classes start and finish punctually. Each session includes a 5-10 minute warm-up. If you need to leave a session early, we can accommodate that.
Attendance varies depending on the class type but attendance usually averages at about 12 people per class.
All equipment is provided at the sessions including yoga mats (although if you prefer to bring your own mat please feel free). We recommend you bring some water and wear whatever clothing you feel comfortable to train in – its not a fashion parade :-). When indoors we encourage you to be barefoot for both the yoga and the fitness sessions but if you prefer training in footwear, please wear appropriate and clean trainers.  If outdoors please bring a light splash proof jacket in case of rain, and something warm if it is chilly out.
BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL. Online bookings can be made up to two hours before a session and you may also cancel a booking up to two hours before to give you maximum flexibility. If you need to miss a session that you have booked for there is no refund of the cost of that session and it will be deducted from your pass online. Anyone booking into sessions but not attending (without cancelling) more than 3 times will lose their right to book in advance into classes and will just have to turn up hoping there is space.
The Open Gym sessions are supervised free training sessions for experienced members who would like to use the functional fitness studio to train solo or with other members. It is a chance to catch up on workouts from the week or work on your own plan, mobility, rehab and prehab.

If your question is still unanswered then contact us here.

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