The Team

Our purpose is to create a growing community of people who lead an inspirational healthy and sustainable lifestyle through optimal movement, nutrition, yoga and meditation.

Energy for life is all about helping people create more energy for themselves by living a healthy balanced lifestyle. We are an ever expanding community of people who believe it our role to live in balance with ourselves, with those around us and with the planet. Our aim is to provide world class training and yoga that is open and welcoming to anyone regardless of age, fitness level or ability.

With more than 10 years experience as a fitness trainer in both the UK and Australia, Tom’s approach to health and fitness is to coach people to find an optimal balance to life. Tom has experience working with individuals from all walks of life, as well as teaching in a group environment. Tom is fully qualified as a personal trainer and has continued his education as a CHEK Exercise Coach, specialising in functional movement assessment, programming and lifestyle coaching.

Emma has 7 years experience teaching yoga but the more important thing to define her abilities is her passion for it. With five years experience teaching in Sydney, Australia, one of the world hubs of yoga, she was lucky enough to have unlimited access to world renowned teachers, studios and mentors to guide her learning into this deep and profound system of health.
You will find her classes challenging, inspiring and transformational. So what are you waiting for?

Henry Johnson

Henry specialises in Calisthenics, a form of training that utilises your bodyweight as resistance.  He aims to create sessions that enhance the bodies functionality and strength using a variety of calisthenics movements and will always apply a unique and fun twist to every session. If you want to learn a specific skill such as the handstand or muscle up, if you want to build strength and mobility or just get started with training, calisthenics is a great place to begin. Henry is a level 3 personal trainer and is also a certified calisthenics coach.

Lucy Kircher

Lucy has had a life long love for exercise and fitness. She became a fully qualified Personal trainer and group exercise instructor 8 years ago and has been helping people meet their fitness goals ever since. After spending many years on her own Pilates practice she has gained a deep passion for the method and belief in its powers for injury proofing the body and restoring the mind. Lucy has taken that passion further to become a qualified Level 3 Matwork instructor.
Her mixed level Pilates class aims to offer a challenging workout whilst building a foundation of the Pilates method, keeping the body moving and the mind focused.

Chloe Manlay

Chloe’s intention as a teacher is to bring your body, mind and emotions into alignment, so you can experience the freedom of being truly you, in your optimal state. Jivamukti trained with creators of the method, Sharon Gannon and David Life; relating spiritual teachings to the context of modern life remains at the core of her teaching style. In her classes she encourages students to tune in and respond to what their body needs in a safe and nurturing environment. She hopes to help students take the emphasis off accomplishing something, and put it more on experiencing something; empowering and inspiring students to find your own inner teacher and expression of yoga.

Kirsty Forrester

Kirsty found yoga to heal niggling pains from the gym and running and she hasn’t looked back since. Her love affair with yoga began to grow stronger whilst living in Brighton and in June 2014 she qualified as a Sun Power Yoga Teacher, more recently, Kirsty has completed further studies and now holds her 500hr Advanced Diploma. Kirsty’s style is a mixture of Iyengar for alignment, Sivanada for breath work and Ashtanga for heat. The sequences that she teaches allow all levels of students to slowly warm the body up safely by linking the body, mind and breath together to help create a perfect balance. We work on seated and standing asanas (postures), pranayama (breath work), mudras (yoga for the hands), bandhas (locks) and meditation.


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