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We offer inspirational Yoga, Pilates, Functional Fitness, and Strength classes at our beautiful and spacious Brighton Studio.


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Inspirational group fitness training, yoga & Pilates in Brighton

Fitness, Strength, Conditioning, Calisthenics, Yoga and Pilates classes in a small group environment is an effective and fun way to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Class sizes are small enabling us to adapt for individual needs and insure everyone gets an optimal workout.

Our timetable is designed to focus on different areas of the body and different energy systems on different days to maximise your results by creating a constantly changing stimulus for your body, mind and energy.

Intro Offer: First Class for £10

*Available to new participants only. Max 1 per person.

Our Services


Our yoga is fun flowing yoga and accessible for both advanced yogis and newcomers alike.
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Strength Training

A specific strength class for all abilities designed to get you stronger using compound movements such as squats, deadlifts and bench press. Click to find out more


We offer a mixed level mat-based Pilates to challenge, strengthen and stretch. You’ll leave this class feeling energised, and strong. Click to find out more

30 Day Health RESET

Join our 30 Day Health RESET to transform your nutrition, movement, and lifestyle.
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Functional Fitness

An allround strength and fitness workout using functional movements for pushing, pulling, rotating and leg strength, plus cardiovascular conditioning. Click to find out more

Online Classes

Our recorded class library of over 400+ classes is a perfect way to with train with us from home!
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Our Story

Emma and Tom moved to Hanover, Brighton, in 2015 and started Energy For Life Fitness. With a house full of packing boxes and a baby on the way, the classes were initially taught outdoors in Queen’s Park.

They quickly moved the business into a small studio on Queens Park Road and were delighted to find that very quickly they were starting to out grow the space. With word spreading and attendance building they were under pressure to find something bigger. The lack of local commercial spaces in Hanover, instigated conversations about moving more centrally but the questioning only served to reinforce their certainty that the amazing people of Hanover, Queens Park, and Kemptown were the ones they enjoyed being around. These were their tribe, balancing health consciousness with fun and freedom and they wanted to be a part of growing this wonderful community.

The universe delivered in style as they became aware of 2 storey warehouse space that was perfect and just around the corner. The space had been empty for 20 years, had just been renovated by the owners, and was due to be taken to the estate agent that week when Emma very randomly came knocking at their door. A few more goosebump-inducing synchronicities later and they’d found themselves a new home.

Tom and Emma

The upstairs Yoga & Pilates Studio is spacious, bright, and airy. Sea views to the south and windows on all sides create beautiful light, especially during our sunrise and sunset classes. With over 80 square meters there is space for up to 21 mats for yoga and 16 for Pilates. During the cooler months, the yoga studio is kept lovely and warm using ceiling-mounted infrared heating panels that radiate a health-promoting heat like the gentle rays of sun on your skin.

Downstairs is the fully kitted-out functional training studio for strength and fitness classes, personal training, and open gym sessions. With over 90 square meters of open-plan astroturf floor, there’s plenty of space to make use of all our functional training equipment.

Why the name Energy For Life? Emma and Tom’s vision is about developing the health to live well. Whether it is the endurance to keep up with your 8-year-old footballing son, or the strength to physically assist your elderly mum into the car, or the mental clarity to feel on top of your game at work, at the heart of everything they offer is having Energy For Life.

Our Life Changing 30 Day Health RESET

Over the past six years, Emma and Tom have transformed the health of hundreds through their 30 Day Health Reset Program.

Applying simple but consistent tweaks to a small number of potent nutrition, movement, and lifestyle habits creates big shifts and promotes long-lasting change in the health, wellbeing, and overall happiness of the participants. The Health Reset Program is run 3 times per year. Usually in Jan/Feb, May/June, and Oct/Nov. Click here to register your interest and be kept up-to-date on our next 30 Day Health Reset.


said that they felt healthier and happier for doing the Reset


believe it will create lasting change in their life


would recommend the program to a friend

The NEXT RESET starts on 15th Jan 2024








Why Our Clients Love Us

Based on 154 reviews
Janie Grier
Janie Grier
I have a neurological condition which affects my balance and coordination, so I started going to the Handstand and Calisthenics class at Energy For Life. The class is so relaxed (thanks to Ben) which was great as I was quite nervous. I am slowly improving, I'll never be the same as I was but I definitely feel I'm making the most of what I've got.
Martha Ortega
Martha Ortega
I was looking for a place with different kind of workout and EFL fulfilled my expectations!! You can find Strength, Functional Training, Yoga, Pilates and Calisthenics!! Everything in one place! The coaches are really good! They explain every single movement and they always are worried about you and your experience during the training! I full recommend this amazing place! 🙂
Rebecca Cotton
Rebecca Cotton
I started using energy for life from Shropshire via the online library after it was highly recommended to me by a friend, after twelve months the universe sent me on my way to Brighton and I relocated in Kemptown, I now attend classes at the studio. The studio, staff and the classes (mostly yin, I can’t get enough of it) are wonderfully uplifting, every time I visit it feels like someone has pressed a magical reset button for me. Feeling blessed to have found this little sanctuary by the sea.
Tim Kinghorn
Tim Kinghorn
After many years of feeling unengaged going to a regular gym and not really heading in the right direction with my goals, I’ve now found Energy for Life. I realised that I am motivated by classes, having fun and being with others. Every instructor is amazing, down to earth and considerate of individual differences. The culture and atmosphere is incredible and I have been gradually increasing the amount of classes I have been taking. I now look forward to exercise. We have fun and I push myself more than I would do at a regular gym. I feel the difference in my body and generally feel more energised and positive. Still early in my journey but making excellent progress.
Janis Briedis
Janis Briedis
Very professional trainers. Classes are hard but fun. Always leave them energised
Joy Paley
Joy Paley
I really enjoy my classes at Energy For Life, I am someone that always struggled getting myself up and out to the Gym, but I look forward to going to these sessions. The atmosphere is supportive, every session is inclusive, no matter what your skill level. I joined as a complete beginner, tried out all the different classes and then continued with the ones I enjoyed the most. I would definitely reccomend going here to anyone!
Hayley Turnbull
Hayley Turnbull
I've been attending energy for life since March to help build strength and fitness for my team sport, it has helped hugely, the whole team are wonderful, supportive and inclusive, it's really helped me stick at it and I actually enjoy waking up for the 6am class (most of the time!) I've been to strength training, outdoor fitness and yoga so far and hope to keep adding to it!

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